Alpha Testers Program

Be one of the first tattoo artists to test some key features of our app.

The Program
Tatstat is a professional booking tool for tattoo artists. Tatstat manages all things client so that the artist can spend more time tattooing and less time managing their inboxes. We are dedicated to providing the best experience for both the Tattoo Artist and Tattoo Client.

In our Alpha Testers program we would like for you, the artist, to test our app. We are looking for feedback specifically around our deposit feature, however, any feedback throughout the experience is welcome. This program involves transacting with real money. You will be requesting 10 deposits from clients ($60 minimum per transaction). As part of our service fee, we collect $5. At the end of this program, you will meet with our Product Officer, Carley to gather feedback about your experience. We will refund you all service fees that were taken out of your deposit total, along with paying you $100 for your participation.

*This program is for tattoo artists only.

Terms and Conditions
We are requiring that you, the artist, complete 10 unique deposit transactions. This means having 10 of your clients go through our intake and project management services via your profile link. Here are detailed instructions on how you can accomplish this:

  • Sign up for Tatstat (Available in Google Play Store and on the App Store). If you already have an account, sign in.
  • Navigate to your profile settings.
  • Copy your personalized artist link. (ex.
  • Send this link to at least 10 clients, or as many as you'll need to reach 10 deposits.
  • Your client will be asked to fill out an intake form with you. Once they have completed the intake form, they will show up in "My Book" in the app. They'll also be able to log into the app using their client account information after submitting their intake form.
  • From "My Book", you can view the client's intake form, communicate, exchange images, request/receive your deposit, and even book an appointment.

Our Deposit Policy
Having a Tatstat account does not cost the artist or client until the artist requests a deposit. For $60 minimum deposits, Tatstat takes $5. For deposits greater than the minimum, Tatstat collects an 8% service fee. The rest of the money ends up in the Artist's account. At the end of this program, we will refund you any service charges that you incurred along with paying you $100 for your participation in our study.*


  • Google Account (for sign-up purposes)
  • Paypal or Venmo Account
  • Engagement with at least 10 clients over the course of the program
  • 10 completed deposits
  • Mid-way written check in with Carley (after 5 deposits)
  • Final feedback call with Carley (after 10 deposits)

If at any point you have questions, feedback, or are experiencing bugs, let us know so we can make note of it.

*Note: Final feedback call must occur or service fee refund and $100 participation allowance will not be provided.

a screen shot of tatstat's client payment dashboard

Program Timeline

The timeline for collecting 10 deposits could look different for any artist, but we ask that you complete at least 10 deposit transactions within 2 weeks. (If you don't reach 10 deposits within this timeframe, we still appreciate your feedback! However, you will only receive $10 for every deposit you have completed).

If you reach 10 deposits before one week is over, we ask that you continue to use the app for the rest of the week before completing your final feedback call.


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