Why Tattoo Artists NEED
A Booking App/Software

The life of a tattoo artist can be pretty stressful, from scheduling appointments to creating the best design for your client to bring to life. Thankfully, a variety of solutions are out there for the challenges that many tattoo artists face. With so many apps and software options, today’s tattoo artists now have access to easy-to-use booking tools that take the stress away so you can focus on what matters most: your art. If you still rely on phone calls, DMs and emails to book your appointments, here are a few reasons why you — and tattoo artists everywhere — can benefit from a booking app/software:

1 – Stay Organized

Managing appointments that fit your schedule can be tough. By having your schedule for consults, appointments, and more at your fingertips, you won’t have to worry about conflicting clients in your chair. The ability to manage your schedule with a mobile-friendly tool frees you up to fully focus on your next appointment and design.

person using a phone to organize

2 – Be Prepared

Maybe coordinating your clients on social media works for you, and you don’t have many issues with booking appointments and managing your schedule. But some clients may not know what design they want, the size of the tattoo or any of the other specifications. That’s why using a booking tool that features client intake forms is key to keeping you prepared with all of the details before your client even shows up!

tattoo artist consulting their client about design

3 – Manage Payments

With so many payment processing app options, it can be a hassle to keep track of all of them. With the help of booking apps and software, you can request and receive deposits all in one place without having to use another app to secure your payments!

Tattoo artist and client paying for a new tattoo

Every artist needs some kind of booking app or software in their arsenal. That’s why Tatstat was created: to streamline every aspect of the tattoo booking process to provide you the ease and relief of stress that comes with being an artist. The best part? Tatstat is FREE for artists! Tell us how you like Tatstat by sending us a message on Facebook or Instagram Be sure to follow us for all of the latest updates!

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