Product Officer's Story

Carley Feil - Product Officer

I have always had a deep appreciation for the tattoo industry. I got my first tattoo as soon as I turned 18. I drove my 1998 Saturn the furthest that I have ever driven from Bakersfield, over the Grapevine (a not so smart idea), to Santa Barbara. Mid-way through getting my first tattoo, my dad called me, asking to meet him and my mom for dinner in Bakersfield. After hesitating, I responded, “Dad...I won’t be back in town in time. I’m currently getting a Santa Barbara.” Needless to say, I nervously walked into their house around midnight only to find my dad sitting in his chair waiting for me with disappointment.

Fast forward a few more years, and I’m currently working on a full sleeve! I couldn’t help myself. The aspect that I find most special about the tattoo industry is the unique importance that a tattoo can have for someone. If you ask someone to tell you about their favorite tattoo, they’ll likely have a pretty awesome story. 

After learning about Channelle’s experience as a tattoo artist and being introduced to the idea of Tatstat, I knew I wanted to join the team. 

Tatstat has been creatively thought out and built using direct feedback from artists. Our app is designed specifically for the tattoo industry, unlike other scheduling apps that artists currently use. I look forward to hearing how Tatstat works for you!

tatstat's director Carley