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Tatstat calendar feature


Manage your schedule and create new appointments all in one place.

Pick whether you’d like to set an appointment for a consultation (in-person or virtual) or a tattoo, choose the duration and view your current schedule to see when a good time is for you. As an artist, you can send a single time or multiple options that your client can choose from. Manage your scheduled appointments, pending appointments, and all past appointments in one place.

Client Intake Form

Get detailed information about each of your clients.

Tatstat's agile intake form removes a lot of the beginning back and forth that often happens between artists and their clients. We get the details for you prior to having a conversation with the client.

Tatstat intake form
Tatstat payments


Request, remind and receive deposits.

Request deposits directly through Tatstat instead of having to exit the app and manage multiple payment platforms. Set your desired deposit amount and request with one-click.

My Book

Your one-stop-shop to know exactly what actions you need to take.

Tatstat organizes your clients, so you don’t have to. Each client has their own smart icon of actions that the client has made: Do you have a new message? Have they sent a deposit? Did they choose and/or accept an appointment date?

Tatstat client book

“Instead of having clients always DM’ing me, I direct them to click on my Artist profile link in my bio, which speeds up the process and eliminates a lot of the early back and forth.”
- Stephanie, Long Beach CA.


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