The Magic of Tatstat

The idea for Tatstat was formed after many conversations between Tattoo Artist, Channelle Charest and a tatted-up developer, Greg Goforth. 

What was originally just a simple idea to create a consultation tool for artists is now a multitude of different tools. It’s a hub for a tattoo artist's client communication, photo collaboration, appointment booking, and image sharing.

But what magic brought us here? 

There was a common denominator between our co-founders; workplace. Both Channelle and Greg work together at the tech company, Bitwise Industries, in Fresno, CA. Channelle currently sits as Bitwise’s COO and Greg is the CTO. Bitwise focuses on providing resources to humans of marginalized communities and those who have experienced systemic poverty.

Greg on the left; Channelle on the right

They do this by building up a tech workforce, creating world-class software, and purchasing and renovating blighted buildings in cities that look similar to Fresno. Above all else, Bitwise is about humans.

Most employees at Bitwise are the kind of folks who work hard at their day job and go home to work on their side-hustle. To say it in simpler terms, our team is made up of grit. Greg and Channelle built Tatstat in order to solve common problems they’ve experienced both from the perspectives of the tattoo artist and the client. While working at a tech company like Bitwise, Channelle knew that technology could help with the efficiency of her side-hustle. 

The tattoo industry is very niche. There are a lot of apps out there to help schedule, collect a payment, and chat but nothing specifically made for the tattoo industry.  The team at Bitwise Ventures decided to link up with Greg and Channelle to get Tatstat where it needed to be! This is where I joined the team. 

Fast forward one year and Tatstat has a full development team that has created a mobile application with the functionality to satisfy the day-to-day needs of the tattooing process. We have a marketing team dedicated to seeing the product reach its full potential. Our team is helping to bring the magic of Tatstat to life. The magic that allows tattoo artists to do more of what they love with doing less of the admin work. We infused Tatstat with the love of our community and by getting feedback from artists all over the country. 

As the Product Officer of Tatstat, I oversee the daily operations, which is the biggest thrill for me. I previously ran a coworking community under Bitwise Industries and made it my goal to make every member feel apart of the space. My goal is to do the same with Tatstat Artists. I am here for you. If you have ideas, plans, or dreams for how to better run your tattoo business, I am all ears. Tatstat is for YOU, the artist. And hey, if I can get a tattoo by you, I think that would be pretty cool too. :) 

Carley Feil, Product Officer of Tatstat

woman tattooing a arm


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