Version 2.1.0 of Tatstat has Arrived

Learn more about 2.1.0

Managing your books just got a whole lot easier! The Tatstat team has listened to your feedback and we have delivered! Take a peek to see what's new in Version 2.1.0.

2.1.0 includes many new features such as:

  • List view which includes a birds-eye view of appointments
  • Simplified the booking flow in-app
  • Create appointments directly from the bookings page
  • Create appointments without requiring an intake form
  • Delete appointments in-app
  • Enhanced user interface and experience

"List View"

Keep tabs on upcoming appointments with "list view". See appointments at a glance and tap on clients who have a form next to their name to be reminded of their intake form.

Clients that have submitted intake forms will appear with a form next to their name for easy access. Clients who do not have a form attached to their name were appointments created straight from the "Bookings" page using the "+".

Booking Flow

We've eliminated the back and forth required for booking between Artist and Client by introducing a simple flow for booking appointments.

There are two ways that booking can be accomplished:

Create an appointment from scratch by tapping the "+" on the "Bookings" page. This feature is a great idea for any walk-ins or even tattoo expos.

Book appointments right away with your client by taking a peek at your calendar and selecting an open time. Your client will be notified of the upcoming appointment!

Delete an Appointment

Look, we hope you don't have to use this one but sometimes life happens and an appointment needs to be canceled.

Cancel appointments with clients who have an intake form submitted either by the "Appointments" tab or do a "force touch" on the appointment itself in your agenda.

Enhanced User Interface

Introducing a simplified version of each client thread. We've simplified the header to now only include "Intake Form", "Deposits", and "Appointments".

Review the intake form at any time, check in on the status of your deposit, and see your clients appointment details from this tab.

You can request a deposit, or schedule an appointment from the tab or tap the "+" next to the message thread.

Get Directions

We want your clients to show up to their appointment on time.

Clients now have easy access through Tatstat to get directions to your shop once they have an appointment booked.

Make sure that your studio information is up to date for this to be most beneficial.

A message from our Product Officer, Carley

Our team is super excited to release! I've talked to many Artists from all over the country and it has been such a joy to gather their input and understand how they conduct their businesses. After compiling Artist feedback, our talented development team implemented solutions that we believe will change the game. Tatstat has come a long way and we can't wait for you to use Version 2.1.0 to its fullest.

And hey, if you like what you see, give us an app store review!

Vote for What's Next

We believe that Artist feedback is the only way we can make Tatstat the best it can be. Take a look at our Roadmap to see what's in the pipeline. Is there a feature you wish Tatstat had? Drop us your idea so we can get to work!